CBAC – December 21, 2016

I recognize this beer.  I absolutely hated it last year.

Parallel 49s Rock the Bells Cranberry Sour Ale.
IBU 12


Yep it’s still hard to drink.  Luckily I’ve built up a tolerance for sour beers so this isn’t nearly as bad as it was last year.  I’m not a huge fan of cranberry to begin with and this is very tart. It’s like drinking a fizzy cranberry juice that gets you drunk.  Once again I am drinking it at a colder temperature than the recommended 8-10°C and once again I don’t see how drinking it at a warmer temperature would make it taste better.  I don’t hate this nearly as much as I did last year.

My Current tally is now 12-9

In my blog from yesterday I showed off Marvin enjoying his post hike beer.  How about this one of Marvin at the top of the Diez Vistas.  That’s a nice Vista.


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