CBAC – December 23, 2016

Well I made a huge mistake and procrastinated a few things.  I went to the mall to get a fresh shave and ended up spending 3 hours there because of the wait list.  Then I had a nightmare of a time at the grocery store.  Now it’s time for a well deserved beer.  Today I get Parallel 49s Gong Show Belgian Spiced Quad.


There are a plethora of flavors happening in this beer.  I’m not sure what to make of it but I guess I made a face because Kristi started giggling at me. Spiced with chocolate, orange and habanero.    Surprisingly it doesn’t have a spiciness to it but it has habanero flavor… which I don’t think I like.  This beer truly is a gong show. It’s sweet but I’m not tasting chocolate. I do taste a bit of the orange.  And for a beer that’s 9% it isn’t overly strong tasting.  Something about this beer just isn’t working for me.

Current Tally 12-11

Shit. Am I going to get another beer that I enjoy?  This guy is right down to the wire. Only 1 more beer to go.

Marvin likes to parade his bully sticks around.  When I asked him “Oh what’s that?” This is the pug face he gave me


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