Alcohol Advent Calendar – Kristi’s Leftovers

Ready. Set. Drink!  So when we last left Kristi it was a week ago.  Due to crazy schedules we just couldn’t find time to drink together and though Kristi enjoyed her drinks, I wasn’t able to find time to write about them.  She is once again at work and I’m going to go by my Dory-like memory to write about her final 7 drinks.  Current tally: 8-9


Bah Humbug Christmas Cheer from Wychwood Brewery.  I don’t think Kristi liked this one though I took a sip and thought it was fine.  I only picked it for her because it looked festive.  Typical Kristi. 8-10


Another beer from Wychwood Brewery. Dunkel Fester. Dunkel is the German word for “dark” and is a style of dark lager.  Typically they taste like a lager but way better.  This was a solid pick, Kristi didn’t want to share it. 9-10


Kristi peeled the label on this one before I could take a picture but it’s Bridge Brewing Company’s The Grinch winter ale.  For some reason I remember trying this one but cannot remember the outcome.  Unfortunately a forgettable beer is going to have to get a thumbs down.  9-11


Argentinian malbec from Domaine Busquet is delicious.  One day I would love to visit Mendoza since I love wine. 10-11


This 52 foot stout from Barkerville Brewing Co. looked very intriguing. It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing bottles I’ve seen.  Typically we love stouts.  However, you’ll see at the bottom of the bottle “with birch syrup” which completely ruined this beer.  I couldn’t even choke it down. It’s a shame because I look at the bottle and I still want to drink it.  10-12.


Lighthouse Brewing seaport vanilla stout. This beer is as unreal as it sounds.  Quite possible the best between both calendars! Absolute home run.  I made this calendar in hopes of us finding something like this that we could fall in love with.  Thank you Lighthouse for delivering.  11-12


We found this beer in the summer time and loved it right away.  Moon Under Water Creepy Uncle Dunkel. It’s smooth and delicious.  Knowing she would love this one, it was like saving the best for last.  And because she chose to open it yesterday on Christmas, she even shared it with me!

So that wraps up our advent calendars.  I gambled on a bunch of drinks and lost but also came across some great new finds.
Kristi’s final tally – 12 liked. 12 not so much.

Thanks for reading! Oh and of course I’m going to give you a Marvin photo to wrap it all up! Merry Pugsmas!



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