A Hot Shower – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2017

So when we first arrived here in Puerto  a week ago, Kelly had given us a heads up “My shower get really hot so be careful”.  Well those words magically carried up onto the roof and caused the hot water tank up there to completely stop working.  Tuesday morning we had a luke warm shower and since then there has been a series of people and conversations happening along with attempts to fix the hot water. 

Finally, they came to the conclusion that a new tank was needed… which is a huge feat for a Mexican to admit.  They literally fix everything here.  I assume it’s because labor is so reasonable; where at home, it often costs more to fix something than it does to buy a newer model. 

So on Monday we had a new hot water tank installed sometime in the afternoon while we were out.  Tuesday morning I wake up and ask Kelly if we have hot water.  “We don’t have any water at all, actually”… well that’s not what I wanted to hear.  We did manage to get water back shortly, but still no agua caliente. Around 8pm a lady knocked on the door and I’m glad Kristi was home with me because she only spoke Spanish.  I’m even more glad because we have hot water! 

With the internet at an all time slow last night, I couldn’t wait to hop in and enjoy.  There are few things I appreciate more than a hot shower.  A cold shower simply leaves me very unsatisfied, I come out all chilly and find myself trying to warm up. I’m also just a wimp.  Unless it’s 3pm in 30+ degree weather, I don’t want a cold shower.  I’m getting off course. The shower was amazing! The hot water with decent pressure meant I could wash my hair and beard. My lightly burnt skin amplified the heat on my shoulders. I was in heaven.  

So this morning I was excited to tell Kelly “we have hot water!”  However, she said her shower this morning faded between hot and cold. My heart sank.  I haven’t jumped back in yet but I hope I can find the sweet spot and keep the water hot. These are my struggles. 

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