How about a shave? – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2017

It’s been a week and I’m looking scruffy af. I need a shave and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna do it myself like a poor person.  Mike has recommended a barber a block away from the bar.  There’s some pretty well groomed dudes in there so lets do that.  La Barberia Calle Lazaro Cardeñas #282

I sit down in the chair and a guy offers me a beer.  Don’t mind if I do. 

I explain to one guy what I want and he translates to my barber. What could go wrong? 

The shave was actually quite nice. He trimmed my beard and cleaned it up a little bit, then put a hot towel over my face. I wasn’t expecting this luxury.  He then went to work on scraping my face with a straight razor and making it look good.  The barber was a little rougher than the really good ones I’ve had in the past but overall it was a pleasant experience.  

When it was all done, I was charged 130 pesos and I left 20 pesos for a tip. 

I’ve been back since jotting down my rough copy of this blog and had another great experience. I’m definitely going back for 1 last shave Thursday or Friday before I head home.

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