VIP Theater – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2017

Kristi and I love seeing movies in other countries. We’ve been to theaters in MalaysiaThailandVietnam and Cambodia. Naturally when we heard there was a VIP movie theater here in Puerto Vallarta, we looked it up and found something to go see. 

7.5 pesos on the public bus and 20 minutes later we were dropped off across the street from La Isla Shopping Village. A brand new outdoor mall where most of the stores opened their doors within the last month. 

We arrived early to make sure we got seats and had time for dinner. Expecting to pay 110 pesos each, we were pleasantly surprised to be charged 150 pesos for both of us! 
We had dinner across the street at Taco Republic. The food was okay. The beers were 2 for 25 pesos. 

We hung out in the lounge half an hour before our movie started and looked through the menu. Part of us wish we ate here. 

Trying to figure out if we had to walk up to the counter to order or not, a server came to us. We ordered 2 affagotos which is espresso and ice cream. Kristi ordered boneless chicken bites and I ordered a banana nutella crepe and a small popcorn. 
The waiter asked if we would like it here or in the theater… Ummm obviously in the theater. What a stupid question. 

Our seats in the theater are awesome.

Automatic recliners.

Call buttons for more service.

Waiters walking around and taking orders.

A table to eat on.

Officially leading the way in cheap movie theaters: Mexico!

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