Los Muertos Brewing – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2017

Last year I spent some time working out with a personal trainer.  Whenever he would ask me questions, I was always truthful and I think he liked that I wasn’t bullshitting him.  The main one being: “Miles, how’s your diet?” to which I would reply “Awful.” He would laugh and ask, “Why’s it awful?” 

“Because I like beer and pizza more than looking good.”

Naturally, I found the only spot for craft beer in town.  Not only is it a craft beer place, but they also make pizza.   Pizza is a major staple in my diet.  It keeps me happy like coffee and cigarettes keep other people happy.  

I walked past here every day for the first week, not wanting to tell Kristi I would rather just have pizza than anything else.  I was really excited to explore the street food but my heart skipped a beat the day we finally stopped in at Los Muertos Brewing.  

Puerto Vallarta doesn’t offer anything like this anywhere else that I’ve seen. They offer a series of different beers for 50 pesos, and most of them are pretty good.  The Anillo de Fuego Chili Ale is actually a really nice tasting beer because it has the actual flavor of chili without all the heat.  

My favorite? McSanchez Stout.  Kristi’s too!

They only offer one size pizza so I was happy that there was 4 of us when we ordered it.  

They also offer Cheese, Pepperoni and Hawaiian pizzas by the slice for 30 pesos if you don’t want to commit 200 pesos for a full pizza you’ll never eat all of.  

Did I mention we’ve been back for happy hour? Everyday from 4-6pm they offer beers for 30 pesos.  I’m in heaven.  

Funny to think craft beer and pizza would be a highlight on my trip but this is who I am.  For the record, this is not sponsored content but I wish it was. Feel free to hook me up, Los Muertos Brewing!

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