I’m on a Boat – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2017

With the track, “I’m on a boat” on repeat in my mind and my heart, I spray copious amounts of sunscreen on my pasty white skin. 

Kristi and I were pretty keen to do some fishing here but it’s ridiculously expensive.  Luckily our host, Kelly, knows how to get things done here.  She has a boat captain that she books through and gets a boat for 5000 pesos for a 5 hour day on the water on the Bella Maria.

You do have to pay 20 or 25 pesos for the water taxi. The price adjusts according to their mood, apparently as we paid 20 pesos one way and 25 the other.  

Lets keep this short and sweet. Kelly pulled together a group of 9 of us. We invited another travel blogger, Monica (Check out her blog here!), to join us to put the group at 10 people and an easy 500 pesos each.

We brought our own food and drinks on board and the captains girlfriend, Erica, acted as a server so we weren’t stumbling around.  

The only thing that sucked, was we found out that January and February is the worst time to do any fishing here as temperatures drop and the fish stop biting.  Glad we didn’t pay for a fishing trip. 

We stopped at Los Arcos

Erica threw bread in the water to feed the fish

We did some snorkeling

We posed for cheesy pictures… Poorly

Beautiful views of the Malecon

Kristi jumped off the boat

And most importantly we had a great day.  

This is definitely one of the best days we’ve had here.  Check out Bella Maria Tours. Don’t forget your sunscreen. 

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