Date Night – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – January 2017

I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t every night date night with you 2?”  We actually do make sure we take the time to wear something a little nicer and go out for a nice dinner somewhere that we normally wouldn’t pay the money to go.  Here we are at No Way Jose which sounds like another typical gimmicky restaurant in Pureto Vallarta like Senior Frogs or other overpriced, average restaurants.  

This isn’t the case here.  Despite the silly name, this restaurant is a beautiful casual fine dining establishment with exceptional food and service.  If you’re a foodie, add this to your list!

We arrived early around 6:30pm because we were starving.  The sun hasn’t even set yet.  We opt for a bottle of Cab Sauv from Chile and order muscles for an appetizer.

They serve us fresh baked buns that are so hot when they touch our plate, we can’t even pick them up.  This place is officially my favorite.  Before finishing our muscles, another waiter came by and suggested we have more bread for the remainder of the cream sauce.  This guy is speaking our language. 

We are taking things nice and slow and our waiter is fully understanding of our laid back attitude.  A mariachi band asks if we would like a song for 80 pesos?  Obviously! Kristi said they were probably the best band we’ve heard out of all the places we’ve been here in Mexico.  It’s possible that she’s just biased towards to private serenade.

For our main course I ordered the chicken enchiladas

Kristi had the mahi mahi 

Our meals were fantastic. Best we’ve had since being here.  The owner came by and asked us how everything is and said “Welcome to my family!” All of the wait staff are on the ball here. If our wine glasses were low, someone would take notice and come top them up.  Another waiter asked us how we were and where we were from.  Turns out he used to live in Vancouver too.  

On to the good stuff.  Dessert.  Oddly enough I never spell dessert incorrectly because my Foods teacher in highschool used to say the difference between desert and dessert has an extra S because dessert is sweet.  I don’t know why I just told you that.

We ordered banana flambe. It come’s with a presentation right at the table.

Bananas, ice cream and brandy… what more could one want in life? The server even split it up for us.

With our bottle of wine complete and the banana flambe a distant memory on our plates we decide we need one final touch while we’re here.  We’re going to share a Spanish Coffee. And like the banana flambe it comes with a fire show at the table. 

When it was all said and done, our night cost us 1600 pesos or $100CAD. The service and food were phenominal. If I could afford to do this everyday, I would.  The presentation; the amazing service; the music. Going out should be an experience.  Another successful date night.

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