Vancouver to London – May 2017


The time has come. A new adventure.  30 days road tripping in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. We fly overnight from Vancouver to London.

We received an email in the morning saying our 6:55pm flight was bumped back to 9:55pm. No problem, we spent some time cleaning and running around before heading to Kristi’s bar for an early dinner.

We arrived at the airport around 7:30pm and cruised through security in less than 10 minutes.  Hanging out and playing crib, I decide to look up flight delays and compensation policies.  Turns out we were entitled to a $15 food voucher each which is awesome because our flight doesn’t include meals without purchase.  So I naturally stocked up on $30 worth of Churches Chicken.


9:30pm rolls around and we haven’t begun boarding.  There’s also a bunch of random things open on the plane that suggest it won’t be taking off any time soon.


9:55pm shows up and they announce that the flight will be delayed another 80 minutes.  Here’s another $15 food voucher per person.  Yay… but it says “Not valid for alcoholic beverages” Not sure why it matters what I choose to spend the money on?  If I want to use my voucher to get wasted, I should be allowed to do so. I’m an adult.


All of a sudden it’s midnight and they’re canceling our plane. Damn.  If you’re from Vancouver, West Jet says to go home. Everyone else gets a hotel room.  They’ve instructed us that we will get an update on our new flight in 3-4 hours.  Why do that? Why not tell us to go get some rest and check back around 8am?

Our new flight is at 8pm.  We have a full day to play tourist in Vancouver on our insurance company’s dollar. We have flight delays and and cancellations coverage so our hotel was covered along with food and drinks.  So we did what any normal person would do: We went brewery hopping.


We met up with a good friend at Granville Island and he brought 2 friends who were visiting from Ireland.  Turns out we may even get to hang out with one of them when we’re over there in a few weeks.


2nd stop? Storm Brewing. My favorite.  I can’t get enough of this place. Their beer is on a whole new level… or old level? They’ve been around since 1996 and are pioneers in the Vancouver craft beer scene.

Last we went to Post Mark for some great share plates and Pale Ale.


Back to the airport shortly after 6pm.  Through security in less than 10 minutes again.  We charged our phones and napped while waiting this time.  No issues this time around.  We are boarded and on our way.  That sunset at take off though…


Originally, we had planned to have a friend meet us at the airport, because they couldn’t take a second day off, we decided that we should get our taxi for free.  So naturally we complained to the airline and they agreed to take care of our £88 taxi.  It’s unclear if we’ll get any more compensation from the airline but anything we get is a bonus.

Sure we arrived 26 hours later than expected and we lost a day in London but I am excited for our adventures coming up

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