Day 1 – London, England – May 2017


As stated in my previous blog, we have arrived in London 26 hours later than we were scheduled.  We have been welcomed into the home of an old family friend on Kristi’s side. When we arrived at the home, Susan was still at work but she had left us instructions on how to break in. Simply smash window and let yourself in. There’s towels in the drawer if you’re bleeding.

The house was long and narrow inside.  We sat in the living room – close to the WiFi – catching up on all of the social media we missed out on in the past 12 hours and sipping on instant coffee so we wouldn’t fall asleep too early. Priorities.

First to arrive at the house was Susan’s son, Hugh. Hugh has a hilariously sarcastic and witty sense of humor.  The kind of humor you usually see in movies except this is real life and my face hurts from laughing.

Susan came home shortly after and we decided a walk and a pint were in order.  Real quick, Susan used to live in Vancouver and her older son went to school with Kristi when they were 4 or 5. Hugh was around too, but he says he doesn’t recall much being 3 and all.

Susan left out the part where we walk straight uphill for 20 minutes.  There’s a deep burn in my calves and Hugh is complaining about the hill but mostly about how much less enjoyable his cigarette was while walking.


Our first stop was the highest point in London and also a cemetery.  I was in zombie mode by now and it slipped my mind to take a pic.


Next we went over to a very old school.  Susan doubled as a tour guide giving us history on everything.  I wish I wasn’t so exhausted because my ability to retain information was non-existent other than a Harry Potter scene was filmed there and Squash was invented in the courtyard.

Next stop was the pub. As we walked in, someone Hugh and Susan knew was also entering and he actually bought us our first pint! Thank you kind stranger.


After the pub, we climbed a hill that they call “Heart attack hill”. Yay! However, at the top was a fantastic Indian restaurant where we enjoyed some of the best Indian food we’ve ever had. This was followed by the After 8 game where you put the mint on your forehead and shimmy it down to your mouth without using your hands.


After filling up on curry, rice and roti we went a couple doors down to a cocktail bar.  I had a nice raspberry collins (play on a Tom Collins). Kristi had one of the worst whiskey sours I’ve ever tasted.   You win some, you lose some. It’s the company that we’re here for.

We walked back to the house around 10pm.  I’m having a hard time keeping my head up I’m so tired. We said our goodbyes to Susan and Hugh as they had to work early in the morning and we are starting our road trip.  Thank you for being so amazing to us!

We didn’t actually see any of London because of the lost time but we will.

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