Nottingham to York – May 2017

So our hosts were a tad on the odd side last night. One was more normal than the other but as a whole there were many wtf comments. I believe they meant well and our morning was much more relaxed than our night.. possibly because of alcohol.


The house was super old. It’s actually part of a heritage site which is super cool. And it’s walking distance from Nottingham castle.



Nottingham Castle costs £8 each to enter. Then another £5 each to do the cave tour called Mortimer’s Hole which was why we went there originally.


We arrived at the top about 10 minutes before the next tour left.  Perfect! We paid and walked over to the waiting area.


Our guide for the day was dressed as Friar Tuck.  Being that Nottingham is known for it’s Robin Hood stories, this seemed fitting.


The cave is roughly 350feet deep and has more than one way to go. Naturally we followed 1 path.  I’ll save you the gruesome details as to why it’s called Mortimer’s Hole.



The tour was packed with different stories about Robin Hood as he linked the stories to real places as if to try to get us believing that maybe Robin Hood was a real person.


The tour finished just outside the castle walls


Right around the corner from the exit is Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem which is the oldest pub in England built in 1189AD so naturally we had a pint


After walking around the castle a bit more, we decided it was time to hit the road.


We are heading through the Peak District National Park.  It is a beautiful drive with insane speed limits.  50mph down a windy narrow road that fits 2 vehicles but not by much.


We stopped in Bakewell to stretch our legs and walk around.  The guy at tourist information kept suggesting we go on 2+ hour hikes.  Nah.

We decided a better idea would be to take the back roads and take our time. And it definitely paid off!


We arrived in York just before 7pm. Turns out our hosts and us share something in common. Love for beer!

Off we go then.  Hop on the bus and get out at the first Pub. We had planned to stay longer but there was no seating anywhere. We did find a delicious stout though.


At the next stop, we sat outside to enjoy our pints.  Which seemed like a good idea but near the end on my beer, my feet were numb


The 3rd pub we went to was pretty relaxed and quiet. We sat around sharing travel stories. I also learned that I don’t like Stowford Press Apple Cider.


Then the 4th pub was where it got cool. The bartender let Kristi and I pour pints! All of our pints are CO2 or Nitro at home so to pump from a cask was really cool!


We decided to take the 30 minute flat walk back home and order pizza now that it’s midnight and we forgot about dinner.  3am comes quickly when you’re having fun.

3 thoughts on “Nottingham to York – May 2017

  1. Enjoyed your adventure update. If you are into curry try it there also of course fish n chips..
    But ask the locals first… I am sure you do not need the advice on that…be safe…😘

  2. Gotta admit, I was excited to see you had another blog up. Living my travel dream through you two until I can do it myself. Also, I’m going to have go look up Mortimers Hole.
    Looking forward to the next one!

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