North York Moors National Park – May 2017


18597052_1084686908298624_1874790691_o_editedDay 3 of the road trip and the whole thing has been a highlight so far. The scenery has been spectacular; the roundabouts have been a stick in my ribs; the sheep have been plentiful; and Kristi and I haven’t killed each other yet.

Today we plan to cruise up and around the North York Moors National Park.  We have no set plan on what to expect. We have done no research about what’s there. We just want to enjoy the drive and see some pretty views. And we did.



On our way to the national park we drove through some beautiful farming land and as we were going along two geese decided it was a good time to start waddling across the road. I think Kristi and I both almost pooped a little when we dodged running them over!

Once into the park we started driving down random back roads that were way too small for 2 cars, including this sketchy bridge.


We came across some old stuff too. This place doesn’t look creepy…



Then we found the ultimate view. This is incredible! The photo doesn’t do it justice. We spent 45 minutes here just soaking it all in.  This is what we came here to see!


We drove all the way out to the coast to a little bay town called Whitby which had a similar resemblance to a town at home called White Rock.








Little shops of antiques and handicrafts filled the streets which made for excellent window shopping. There were also plenty of fish and chip take away places, so naturally, we had fish and chips! After wandering around the narrow alleys we made our way to the “200” steps that lead us to a cemetery, church and abbey.





I’m sure it’s not haunted… After a full day of cruising around, we headed back to York.  Tomorrow we will check out what’s inside York’s walls and head towards Lancaster.



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