York to Lancaster – May 2017


Today we plan to see a bit of York.  We find a spot to park for free (3 hour parking) at a nearby grocery store and walk into the walled city.


We walked up to the Minister building and snapped some photos from outside because I believe there is a charge to go in.


Next we headed over to the York Dungeon. We saved £7 by booking online directly through their website. You do have to select a time frame to show up to save the money but it’s worth it.  Any time you can save money in this country is a good time.


The tour was fun. They don’t allow you to take photos inside but it’s entertaining and educational with the odd jumpy part.


After this we decided we should walk along the wall before heading off and hitting the road.


We headed west and weaved in and out of the Yorkshire Dales National Park which didn’t offer much other than some sheep.


We eventually found our way to the Ribblehead Viaduct


From here we headed to Lancaster.  The issue is… we don’t have anywhere to stay yet.  We’ve been using couchsurfing.com to stay with locals and nobody had confirmed we could stay with them.  The closer we got, the more we came to the realization that we were going to have to find an AirBnB or get a hotel (gasp!)

Then as we were approaching Lancaster, we get a hit! A 23 year old Indonesian going to school in Lancaster has accepted us. His profile states that we can share his room and sleep on the floor.  At least it’s free.

When we arrive at his dorm, we are greeted by him and his flatmate. He then hits us with the kindest gesture: he says we can use his room and he’s going to stay in his flatmate’s room. Unbelievable.

We then went out for Thai food… which was very expensive but decent.  The presentation was very nice.


Afterwards we had a beer with our host.  Obviously us buying his drink was the least we could do.


Everything seems to be working out in our favour.

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