Lancaster to Walkmill Campsite


After a cramped sleep on a single bed in a college dorm, we thank our host for offering us his room for the night.  We decide to walk up to Lancaster Castle which actually used to be a prison… so… not a castle. It’s free!

We grabbed a light bite to eat and hit the road. Cruising through the Lake District National Park today is great.


We stopped in Windermere to get an idea of where to go.  There’s apparently a lookout close by.  Turns out the lookout is close but it’s on the other side of the long and narrow lake. 40 minutes later down this crazy 2-way traffic single lane “road” we arrive at Claife Viewing Station.


The view is quite beautiful though and well worth the trip.


From here we headed north to Ambleside which offered nothing. So we went north west and had a beautiful drive through the Kirkstone Pass.


After a stop in Glenridding for a small bite to eat.  We got back on the road for the long haul.  We stop briefly in Penrith to find out their Supermarket is closed. Then we stopped in Carlisle to find out their supermarket is closed. We need food if we’re going to camp tonight and it turns out Sunday’s suck if you’re hungry.


We eventually found a supermarket that was open in a small town so we bought bread and meat to make sandwiches and a pre-made pasta dish. We grabbed some Strongbow and headed towards the campsite.  Driving through a field of sheep and arriving an hour before sunset.


The Walkmill Campsite just outside of Warkworth is part of the dark skies region in northern England.  Our hopes originally were to see the northern lights. You can check a website that gives you the chances of seeing an aurora.  You can also go to the Kiedler Park Observatory  but make sure you book in advance because they were full and we didn’t get to go.


Our campsite is adorable with our little Audi and our tent.


After a shower and a hearty meal cooked in the trailer provided on the campsite, we decide to get to sleep early and set an alarm for 1am because it gets very dark later at night.

1am we wake up… ice cold.  We are very poorly prepared for this.  Annnnd… the clouds have covered the skies. Can’t say we didn’t try to stargaze.  No sense freezing our asses off looking at clouds so back to freezing our asses off in bed.

One thought on “Lancaster to Walkmill Campsite

  1. Wow…so many sheep…are you craving a lamb dinner… beautiful photos. I did not realize you were going through the lake district… I have a distant cousin that lives there. Never met her but we keep in touch through social media and​ Xmas cards… take care and keep warm…. xoxoxo

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