Warkworth to Edinburgh – May 2017


We’re up and it’s raining and cold af outside so after a quick coffee, we packed up quickly to get out of the campsite and back on the road. At least the car has heat.

We headed slightly south to Amble to start our day.  After an inexpensive but good breakfast we walked down to the harbor.  It seems like the rain picked up when we got out of the car so we spent minimal time here.


Our next stop we’re hoping for the weather to clear up.  We are going to visit Alnwick Castle aka MFing HOGWARTS! Yeah you should be jelly.


It was mostly used for it’s courtyard in the movie.


They even host broom flying lessons at different times of the day.


We passed as it was wet and we didn’t want to run around on a grassy field


The castle is quite impressive and it’s actually still lived in by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. You can tour through their home but you’re not allowed to take photos.

There is a lot to do here. Before we knew it, a few hours had passed and we needed to get back on the road.


We drove north following the coastal trail past Seahouses where you can take Puffin Tours but there were no sailings today due to weather.  A few miles north is Bamburgh Castle which is another impressive building on top of a big hill.


We opted not to pay to enter as £10 each for each castle adds up very quickly when there’s a castle in nearly every city.

We decided to get off the coastal trail and take the proper highway from here.  Unfortunately the coastal roads didn’t really have much in the way of water views.

As we approached the Scotland border, Kristi was getting our passports ready and we were looking forward to getting stamps in our passports.  Then we saw it… open road and a sign that said “Welcome to Scotland.”

20170515_165948 (2)

No border. No explaining how long we’re in the country for or what we do for a living. No stamp in the passport. Just a welcome sign and keep on driving.

The drive to Edinburgh was quite straight forward and smooth.  We’re quite excited for this host.  He runs a Harry Potter walking tour! Unfortunately for us, there’s no free parking in Edinburgh and our host doesn’t have a permit for a car so we found an underground lot for £15/day.

We sat up with our host having a cider and talking about inexpensive things to do on in Edinburgh tomorrow. Full day ahead. I’m excited!

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