Edinburgh to Inverness – May 2017

Time for a long drive up to the Scottish Highlands. We officially still do not have a place to stay so we’re gonna take our time and hope somebody accepts us.

We are heading through the largest national park in Scotland. There is a lot to do in these parks if you enjoy walking for days on end. We have a car so driving is a far better idea.


In the center of Cairngorms National Park is a town called Braemar where another tourist rep looked at us like crazy people when we said we were just driving through and not spending 9 days in the park. We just want some nice scenery that we can drive to.

Kristi’s collection of pamphlets

After lunch in Braemar, we decided to go on a drive to Cock Bridge because we are children and find the name hilarious.  Cock Bridge doesn’t offer much other than a sweet name.

Eventually we started to really climb high in the park. Like ears start popping high. The rolling hills and scenery is unreal up here.  You can see forever.


IMG_7642 (2)
Whisky Castle


We stopped at the Whisky Castle thinking it was something more than just a shop selling whisky.  I did learn in Scotland you’re not allowed to call it scotch. You have to just call it whisky and if someone else says whisky you can assume it’s scotch.



Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Idiot keeps spelling whiskey wrong” but I’m simply spelling it the way they do out here. My spell check accepts both spellings so get off my back already.

We decided we should follow the signs to the Glenlivet Distillery.  However, Google maps has decided we’re taking the long way and it knows a better way.  Down some random road that we managed to miss twice.  That’s right. Twice we drove past it like there’s no way that’s a road.  It is.  Through some farmland on this little street barely large enough for 1 car but there’s oncoming traffic. Fun. Eventually we see the distillery. It’s below us.



We find parking and head up to a big door that we believe is the entrance.  It’s not the entrance, we actually just walked into a board room.  Someone from the room takes a moment to point us in the right direction and we find the actual entrance.

Tours were around the £10 each and knowing that I had to drive, we opted not to do the tour and tasting.  We did walk around the Distillery a bit on our own.  We stuck to areas that we were allowed to though.


An hour later, we found ourselves in Inverness and still without a place to stay.  The sad realization that we were going to have to pay for somewhere to sleep was starting to set in.  We grabbed a pint at a local Pub. I looked for somewhere to eat dinner and Kristi started looking at Hotel and Air BnB options.

We found a little family run restaurant that sounded nice and Kristi found a room in a shared house on Air BnB for about $60cad. We opted not to book it until after dinner while we remained optimistic that a couch surfer would respond to us.

Our dinners were awesome! I had the lamb leg special with mushrooms and gravy while Kristi had a chicken stroganoff dish.  Both dishes came with roasted vegetables in dishes on the side set under a tea candle to keep them hot.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Their website is here if you wanna see it.  As we were paying the bill and getting ready to give up and book the Air BnB and BING. Couchsurfer has approved our request. He’s not going to be there but there’s a key hidden outside and we’re welcome to let ourselves in.  If we can find it. No, jk. He told us where it was. Thank you kind stranger.

Situated about 20 minutes from Inverness and his view is spectacular.  This is the best view we’ve had from a house.  We will meet our host tomorrow. Tonight there’s no call for us to be social, we can just relax and get some rest.

View from our Couchsurfer’s house

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