Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2018 – Dec 1


I cannot believe that we are back to this time of year. It’s December already! Christmas is 25 days away and I’m not the slightest bit ready.  A lot has happened since last year. Kristi and I went to Puerto Vallarta for 3 weeks. Those blogs can be found here. We Spent a month in the UK on a road trip which I am still writing blogs for (No promises but I’d like to get some done this month). The blogs that are done can be read here. I went to Disneyland for my 31st birthday with my family… which I also still need to write blogs for. I went to the BC craft beer awards but will not be writing a blog as I barely remember them.  And a big reason why I’m not finding time to write blogs is because I took on a promotion at work.  Yay me! I think. More hours and more responsibility for a few extra bucks an hour.  Look at me adulting like a champ.


Okay so back to the important stuff. The beer! This year I opted out of the Red Racer/ Parallel 49 pack and chose to go with the Phillips Snowcase.  Phillips is a brewery on Vancouver Island in the Capital of BC, Victoria.

I’m pretty excited for this because before I started doing the Craft beer advent calendar blog, I actually shared one of these with my brother.  Then 2 years ago, they were sold out and last year they didn’t make one.  I’m happy to see this one back as Phillips brewers have some creative minds.


Today’s beer is Anxiety Ale.  I don’t think it’s meant to give me anxiety though… maybe it has healing powers for me to deal with anxiety.  I like this name, it’s edgy and on a topic that’s kind of sensitive right now.  Seems like every 3rd person I speak to has anxiety and can’t do regular everyday things because of it.  As someone that is put in uncomfortable positions on the regular, I find that usually once you do it, you realize it’s not that bad. But what do I know? I don’t have real anxiety, I guess.  And that ends this segment of first world millennial problems with Miles.

This beer is 8% and best served at 4°C so I took it out of the fridge 20 minutes ago and poured it into my tasting glass before taking my first sip.


This beer is nice. It’s smooth and easy to drink.  This does not taste like an 8% beer. A few of these could get dangerous. As I continue to sip and enjoy, I’m beginning to think eating first would have been a good choice. It’s just after noon and I’ve had 3 cups of coffee.

I can’t figure out how to describe this beer.  It has a reddish color which according to the label is from the beetroot but I’m not really getting a beet flavor in this beer. At first I thought it was Malt but the ingredients simply say “Water, yeast, barley, hops, beetroot.”

I guess all that matters is that I like this beer.  And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Tradition.  I took a pic of Marvin moping around the house today.  He doesn’t like the rain. Lazy pug


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