Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 2, 2017


So we’ve been without water for the past 2 days.  Sinkhole over our water main and I’ve been showering at my coworkers houses.  I did come home tonight and found that we have water.  Yay!

I took one look at today’s beer and decided I better not drink that before work.  Trainwreck barrel aged barley wine. 10% of what I assume will be violence in a glass. So here I am at 11:45pm and it’s a good thing I worked hard today or I don’t think that first sip would be as good.

The first sip is smooth.  It’s malty and barleyly… you know. I’m tired. I can’t really describe this.  Barley wine gets it’s name as it’s alcohol content is higher up and closer to what you would get with wine.  Though because it is made from grain rather than fruit, it is beer.


My best friend also bought a case this year and asked me when I got to work if I’d tried today’s beer. When I said no, he just looked at me and made a face of disgust and gave me a thumbs down.  I don’t mind this. It’s rich in flavor but more than one of these might be hard on the liver.

I’m gonna say something that may or may not go over well.  Trainwreck is not as good as Thor’s Hammer from Red Racer.

Here’s that silly pug looking embarrassed in the life jacket we bought him.  20170824_221812

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