Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 7, 2017

One week in and they’re giving me a Kolsch.  Another session style beer that’s easy to drink and essentially a fancy word for lager.


The Analogue 78 Kolsch is as expected. Light in color, crisp lager flavor. Very boring to write about.  Kolsch is a product which has a protected geographical indication per EU law.  Beers that carry the Kolsch name must be brewed within 50km of Cologne, Germany. Even as I try to read up and learn about this beer, there is very little to say about it.  It’s drinkable and like the Pilsner, would be better if I had 10 of these to drink.


Today, I left my spaghetti unattended for 2 minutes and Marvin decided it was his.  This pug is just a thug.


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