Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 9, 2017

After a long day, I feel like I should have opened this earlier.  Today’s beer is the 9 Donkeys of the Hopocalypse. 9% of what I assume is an IPA.


Labeled extra strong beer, it is very bitter yet more palatable than I anticipated. Nowhere on the bottle does it say it’s an IPA and it’s significantly lighter in color than I expected.  Let’s read the description to learn more: Hop bombs away! It’s a pity all forces of destruction can’t be this delicious.  Hold on tight; this may leave some craters in your flavor bunker.


Well that has taught me nothing.  Except now I’m curious about locating this flavor bunker they speak of.  I’m just going to assume that this is an IPA since it has such strong hop character.  I kinda like it but the bitterness is a bit much.

I came downstairs today to find pug sitting like this… surely he’s up to no good.


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