Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 17,18,19

Well that was a vicious spiral of not having time to write blogs. Between work, Christmas parties and dinners, I’m finally home late on Tuesday night with the intention of putting back 3 beers.  None of which I’m very excited for. Let’s dive in. 20171219_213812[1]

First up is the Kaleidoscope Mosaic IPA. Mosaic refers to the type of hops used in the beer.  As your pallet matures, you’ll find each type of hops will change the taste from one IPA to the next.  The mosaic hop variety is a new style of hop, created around 4 years ago. It is currently the 6th highest production hop in the USA. My pallet has not matured and this tastes like every other IPA to me.  Though I do enjoy IPAs from time to time, this doesn’t really excite me.


Moving on to my second beer: Blue Buck.  I do really enjoy this beer as I’ve had it 100 times before.  If you go to a bar in Surrey/Langley and you see a Phillips tap on their roster, you can assume it’s Blue Buck. This is craft beer on my side of the bridge. This is a great beer that I was hoping not to see in the calendar.  This is a very easy to drink ale.  I’m just gonna crush this and move on.


My 3rd beer is a Citra Pale Ale. This style of beer always throws me off because when I see the word “citra” I think of citrus and orange.  This is not that.  Citra is another variety of hops. It received it’s name because of the citrus aromas it lets off.  However the dominant flavor is grapefruit, not orange.  After drinking a blue buck in between the 2 beer featuring 2 different hops, I honestly cannot tell the difference.  I will forever have a gutter pallet.


This morning we had freezing rain and Marvin wanted to pee on the covered patio area. I yelled at him and he got sad and peed in front of it in the rain.  Here’s photo evidence.


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