Random snack tasting in Sandakan


I would be lying if I said I’ve been inspired to write lately. I’m currently 5 blogs behind on my Beer Advent Calendar. I didn’t even drink the beers yet. They’re just sitting in my fridge being neglected.  I’m also a bunch of blogs behind on our UK trip which was nearly a year ago.  I also have stories to tell from Disneyland back in September.  That said, I just have no desire to sit down and type.  So when I do, I feel like the blog is forced and coming off as relatively boring.  I’ve never considered myself a great writer but I’ve always felt like my content is entertaining and makes people laugh.  Its kind of a shitty feeling when you feel uninspired.

Enough of this negative bull.  I have come up with a new idea that will hopefully get back to having some fun and sharing stories with everyone.  I have decided to attempt a VLOG.  As Dan and I tried durian the other night, both of us couldn’t even swallow it.  This sparked an idea. Why didn’t I film this reaction?

As it poured rain today in Sandakan, I sat around thinking of how to do this with minimal writing.  Sandakan is a small city on the Island of Borneo in the Sabah province of Eastern Malaysia.  This is my 3rd time here and I still absolutely love it.

So we went to the supermarket today and picked out some random snacks to try.  Hopefully this video is the first of many to come.  Everything will be uploaded on my Youtube Channel or my Facebook Page and all of my blogs are automatically shared on my Facebook Page.  I hope you enjoy.  Please feel free to give some feedback as I teach myself how to video. Only downside was I finished this video around 3:30pm today and it didn’t upload until after 8pm.

Green Pea snack
Durian puffs
Sweet potato crisps
cuttlefish flavor snack

Would not eat any of these foods again.

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