Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 4, 2017

Alright so here we are on day 4 and what do we have? A Pilsner. How exciting. Kristi says it smells like a pilsner.  Pilsners are from the lager family which means they are top fermented. Fun fact: There are only 2 types of beer. Lagers are top fermenting and Ales are bottom fermenting.  All … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 4, 2017

Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 3, 2017

Long day. No time for jokes or briefings.  Today's beer is the Accusation Ale Extra Special Bitter.  It tastes bitter. For a beer that is only 5% it tastes stronger.  As I do some research on ESBs I learn that they are traditionally more aggressive and more balanced bitters, both in alcohol and hop character.  … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 3, 2017

Inverness, Scotland – May 2017

We wake up and leisurely enjoy our coffee and the stunning view of the Scottish hills in our hosts backyard. We are here for 1 more night so today is dedicated to Inverness and the surrounding areas.     We decide to head straight for the thing that put Inverness on the map: Loch Ness. … Continue reading Inverness, Scotland – May 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland – May 2017

Our host, Sam, offers a free (for tips) Harry Potter walking tour.  The tour runs every Saturday at 15:05 (3:05pm) meeting at William Chambers on Chambers street.  We didn't get to do the tour with him as it was Tuesday and he was busy preparing for a Tourism convention for Wednesday morning.  You can check … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland – May 2017