CBAC – December 14, 2016

Hanging out on the couch tonight trying to figure out a flight to Mexico.  Life is tough.  Okay so maybe life isn't tough but this beer might be.  This "Three Peaks" Belgian Tripel from Red Racer is 9.0% and at a close glance, full of chunky sediment. This stuff is violent.  I don't really know … Continue reading CBAC – December 14, 2016

Southeast Asia – Bests and Worsts – May 2014-April 2015

After spending 10.5 months backpacking all over Southeast Asia, we have had some great and some awful experiences.  As a lighter blog that comes off as (hopefully) funny rather than offensive - Kristi and I compiled a list of our Bests vs Worsts during our travel. Countries that we visited: Indonesia - 30 Days Singapore … Continue reading Southeast Asia – Bests and Worsts – May 2014-April 2015

The Gili Islands

Watching the sunset on a little island far away from home.  Isn't this everyone's dream?  We were fortunate enough to get in contact with a guide on facebook from Ubud who arranged our boat to Gili Trawagan for 650k IR (each) with an open return.  When we were looking online, the best we could find … Continue reading The Gili Islands

Juigalpa January 11-13

Nothing exciting happened in Juigalpa and there is not much to do here but this is a beautiful place and I recommend stopping and spending at least one day here.  We attempted to walk from the bus stop to our hotel after spending 11 hours on the bus but our legs were cramped up and … Continue reading Juigalpa January 11-13

New Years on Telica

Sorry if this was posted twice. I thought I posted it 2 days ago but people are saying the link didn't work. On New Years we were scheduled to leave Quetzaltrekkers at 10am.  Kristi and I were asked to pick up some tables a couple blocks out of the way so we left the house … Continue reading New Years on Telica

The last few days – December 26-29

It has been a pretty tame couple of days.  We are on our 3rd office shift in 4 days but it's nice to just relax.  We have been getting to know everyone a lot better.  Even the guy I wanted to kick in the mouth on Matagalpa is coming together as a good guy with … Continue reading The last few days – December 26-29