Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 3, 2017

Long day. No time for jokes or briefings.  Today's beer is the Accusation Ale Extra Special Bitter.  It tastes bitter. For a beer that is only 5% it tastes stronger.  As I do some research on ESBs I learn that they are traditionally more aggressive and more balanced bitters, both in alcohol and hop character.  … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 3, 2017

Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 10

Not sure why I procrastinated on today's beer since I had the day off and nothing going on.  But I did and now it's 11:40pm and I'm scrambling to write this. Red Racer Copper Ale. I've had this before though I don't remember much about it. It's light bodied, easy to drink and just a … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 10