Southeast Asia Travel Route

Over our time in SEA we have been all over.  Here is the exact itinerary of where we went: Indonesia Fly - Vancouver - Tokyo - Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. Bus - Seminyak - Sanur Bus & Boat - Sanur - Gili Trawagan Boat - Gili Trawagan - Gili Air Boat - Gili … Continue reading Southeast Asia Travel Route

Living in Villa Atta in Senggigi, Lombok

As our friends boat pulled up to the dock, I grabbed the sign with her name on it from our private driver and ran up to where all the cab drivers were waiting to harass people and try to convince them that they are the best taxi driver.  I stood there with the sign and … Continue reading Living in Villa Atta in Senggigi, Lombok

The Gili Islands

Watching the sunset on a little island far away from home.  Isn't this everyone's dream?  We were fortunate enough to get in contact with a guide on facebook from Ubud who arranged our boat to Gili Trawagan for 650k IR (each) with an open return.  When we were looking online, the best we could find … Continue reading The Gili Islands

Not really feeling the San Juan del Sur

Depending on what you like when you travel can be a huge deciding factor as to whether or not you will want to visit San Juan del Sur.  I feel like I have completely stepped out of Nicaragua.  Knowing Spanish isn't necessary, menus and staff all speak enough English to get by.  When you try … Continue reading Not really feeling the San Juan del Sur

In San Juan del Sur right now

So we arrived yesterday and when we attempted to hit the beach, no more than 2 minutes in front of the water and it poured rain. Today we walked along the beach for about an hour. We came to a nice spot that was away from everyone and I decide this is a good place … Continue reading In San Juan del Sur right now