Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 16, 2017

These days seem to be never ending.  Today I got to play in the Surrey Dodgeball League tournament where we played and raised funds for the Surrey Christmas Bureau.  No official numbers are in but we were sitting around what we believed to be $7000 worth of toys and cash donations.  This community is unreal.  … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 16, 2017

Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 11, 2017

Apparently my days keep getting longer. Out of the house by 8:30am. Home for 1 hour from 5-6pm and not home again until 11:45pm.  And I've been looking forward to this beer all day long.  An oatmeal stout to cap off a great night. I'm all over this beer like a fat kid on a … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 11, 2017

CBAC – December 24, 2016

Where does the time go? It's freaking Christmas already! Here I am at the end of my craft beer advent calendar and though the past couple days have been rough beers, today I have Red Racer's Fly by Night Porter. This is awesome.  Smooth. Hints of coffee and bitter chocolate.  This is a fantastic way … Continue reading CBAC – December 24, 2016

CBAC – December 23, 2016

Well I made a huge mistake and procrastinated a few things.  I went to the mall to get a fresh shave and ended up spending 3 hours there because of the wait list.  Then I had a nightmare of a time at the grocery store.  Now it's time for a well deserved beer.  Today I … Continue reading CBAC – December 23, 2016

CBAC – December 17, 2016

Oh lazy Saturdays, how I love you.  Went out for brunch, watched a couple episodes of "the Grand Tour" and walked the dog in the snow. Doesn't get much better than that. Now lets enjoy this Bodhisattva dry hopped sour from Parallel 49.  At 7%, it's probably good that I've eaten a bunch of pizza … Continue reading CBAC – December 17, 2016

CBAC – December 8, 2016

Kristi spent all morning cleaning up and getting things ready to have family and close friends over for an early Christmas dinner. I got my hair cut. I'm exhausted. Time to crack a beer and pop a cork.  Or unscrew the screw top.  I get to drink a Red Racer Winter Ale.  I typically don't … Continue reading CBAC – December 8, 2016

CBAC – December 6, 2016

What a night.  A group of friends and I played dodgeball tonight for charity! We raised fund for the Surrey Christmas Bureau who help low income families with children make sure they get some cool gifts.  We estimate that $6000 was raised which is amazing! I am quite proud to be a part of the … Continue reading CBAC – December 6, 2016