Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 14, 2017

As we fly through day after day I'm realizing how close we are to Christmas. It feels like the season just started but here it is, only 11 days away.  I need a haircut and a shave pretty bad.  I also have some shopping that still needs to be done. Yet I can't seem to … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 14, 2017

Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 10, 2017

Another long day of work has me wishing I drank before I went there.  Though this is a worthy reward for the end of my night.  I've just opened up the Phoenix Gold Lager. Shoutout to Kristi and Dan for letting me use their gingerbread house as a prop for my pic! The name Phoenix … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 10, 2017

CBAC – December 24, 2016

Where does the time go? It's freaking Christmas already! Here I am at the end of my craft beer advent calendar and though the past couple days have been rough beers, today I have Red Racer's Fly by Night Porter. This is awesome.  Smooth. Hints of coffee and bitter chocolate.  This is a fantastic way … Continue reading CBAC – December 24, 2016

CBAC – December 13, 2016

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day." -Frank Sinatra Today I get to drink Parallel 49s Black Christmas Dark Ale.  At 6.5% and 65 IBU I should be in for a delicious or awful beer. It tastes … Continue reading CBAC – December 13, 2016

CBAC – December 8, 2016

Kristi spent all morning cleaning up and getting things ready to have family and close friends over for an early Christmas dinner. I got my hair cut. I'm exhausted. Time to crack a beer and pop a cork.  Or unscrew the screw top.  I get to drink a Red Racer Winter Ale.  I typically don't … Continue reading CBAC – December 8, 2016

Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 24

So before I start, I have a bit of backstory to this photo.  In July 2014 Kristi and I met a super cool local at a couchsurfing meetup in Penang, Malaysia.  In April 2015 we returned to Penang with Kristi's parents and Jim snuck out of work early and drove us around for Kristi's birthday. … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 24