Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 24

So before I start, I have a bit of backstory to this photo.  In July 2014 Kristi and I met a super cool local at a couchsurfing meetup in Penang, Malaysia.  In April 2015 we returned to Penang with Kristi's parents and Jim snuck out of work early and drove us around for Kristi's birthday. … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 24

Pulau Penang 2.0 – Malaysia – April 2015

I am excited for Penang! The best street food we've had anywhere in Southeast Asia was right here.  We also were able to meet a bunch of great people and we're looking forward to Kristi's parents meeting them too. We had quite a nice hotel (Glow Hotel) so we spent our first day hanging out … Continue reading Pulau Penang 2.0 – Malaysia – April 2015