Edinburgh, Scotland – May 2017

Our host, Sam, offers a free (for tips) Harry Potter walking tour.  The tour runs every Saturday at 15:05 (3:05pm) meeting at William Chambers on Chambers street.  We didn't get to do the tour with him as it was Tuesday and he was busy preparing for a Tourism convention for Wednesday morning.  You can check … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland – May 2017

Volcano Boarding – Cerro Negro – December 13, 2012

Alarm goes off at 6:45am... I hate mornings.  Kristi gets up and makes herself coffee... me and hiking and coffee just don't go well together.  I jump into our cold shower to rinse and wake up. Pack light, clothes on our backs, GO Pro and two empty backpacks, we walk down to Quetzaltrekkers.  On our … Continue reading Volcano Boarding – Cerro Negro – December 13, 2012