Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 14, 2017

As we fly through day after day I'm realizing how close we are to Christmas. It feels like the season just started but here it is, only 11 days away.  I need a haircut and a shave pretty bad.  I also have some shopping that still needs to be done. Yet I can't seem to … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 14, 2017

Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 18

Working through late nights and early mornings, I seem to be drinking a lot of afternoon beers. Today I get Gary's Gourd Imperial & Barrel Aged Squash Ale from Central City Brewing.  That's a mouthful.  Seeing the words "extra strong ale" made me decide to eat a big bowl of pasta before drinking this. I … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 18

Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 11

Lets get this day rolling right. Parallel 49s Toques of Hazard Imperial White IPA.  It's 9.2% alcohol with an IBU of 76 which is the same as the Filthy Dirty that I liked.  For those non Canadians that stumble upon this. A toque is what we call a knitted hat that keeps us warm in … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 11

Craft beer Calendar – Dec 6

There are children in my house.  I don't know where they came from but they have occupied my TV room so I'm drinking alone in bed.   Today's beer is Red Racer (Central City) Northwest Pale Ale. It tastes like a normal pale ale but shittier... I mean hoppier.  I don't drink many pale ales … Continue reading Craft beer Calendar – Dec 6