Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 10, 2017

Another long day of work has me wishing I drank before I went there.  Though this is a worthy reward for the end of my night.  I've just opened up the Phoenix Gold Lager. Shoutout to Kristi and Dan for letting me use their gingerbread house as a prop for my pic! The name Phoenix … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 10, 2017

Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 7, 2017

One week in and they're giving me a Kolsch.  Another session style beer that's easy to drink and essentially a fancy word for lager. The Analogue 78 Kolsch is as expected. Light in color, crisp lager flavor. Very boring to write about.  Kolsch is a product which has a protected geographical indication per EU law.  … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 7, 2017

Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 4, 2017

Alright so here we are on day 4 and what do we have? A Pilsner. How exciting. Kristi says it smells like a pilsner.  Pilsners are from the lager family which means they are top fermented. Fun fact: There are only 2 types of beer. Lagers are top fermenting and Ales are bottom fermenting.  All … Continue reading Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Dec 4, 2017

CBAC – Dec 10, 2016

Okay so I'm running a day late on this one here.  We were planning on stopping by a friend's Christmas party for a quick drink and to head home.  Well Kristi ended up in the finals for the Shuffleboard tournament at 1am and by the time we got home it was super late.  She lost, … Continue reading CBAC – Dec 10, 2016

CBAC Dec 2, 2016

This is a good sign. I just cracked my beer and Kristi stole a sip.  Now she's trying to keep it.  I surprised her with a bottle of sparkling Sake.  I'm assuming it's gonna taste like bad pop. Kristi is looking at it with a perplexed look on her face.  I get to drink Red … Continue reading CBAC Dec 2, 2016

Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 23

With only 2 days left until Christmas, I'm happy to say I have no more shopping to do.  Though apparently putting Kristi's present in a box wasn't good enough and i had to wrap the box too.  She then proceeded to judge my wrapping job using words like "shitty" and "pathetic." Today's beer is Parallel … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 23