My Final Days in Nicaragua

So I posted this blog yesterday... and it didn't show up.  It's not in my drafts and I didn't have a rough copy of it so now I will post it again. We wrapped up our final day in Leon very hungover because of the partying we decided to do the night prior.  We grabbed … Continue reading My Final Days in Nicaragua

Where we traveled

First things first.  If you click on the image, it should expand and be able to zoom in and see the map better. Yellow Stars are where we spent nights in Hotels/Hostels Red Diamonds are places we visited but usually just to transfer busses or boats Pink Hearts are places we hiked From December 4th … Continue reading Where we traveled

Our final days in Leon January 29-February 2

I have been very easily distracted the last few days so I'll do my best to catch everyone up.  Tuesday was actually a nothing day.  We had a late breakfast at Desayunazo then hung out at Siesta Perdida until dinner time playing crib and relaxing.  For dinner though, we went to a nice Caribbean restaurant … Continue reading Our final days in Leon January 29-February 2

Lazy day in Leon – January 28, 2013

There is not much to do in Leon on a Monday.  We woke up not hungry but wanting coffee so we went to our favorite breakfast spot, Desayunazo.  If you end up in Leon, you have to eat breakfast here at least once because they're the only place in town with free refills on coffee … Continue reading Lazy day in Leon – January 28, 2013

An afternoon at the Cock Fights January 27, 2013

This was our second trip to the cock fights as we went last month too.  If you missed that blog, I explain the rules, the betting and why cock fighting here in Nicaragua cannot and should not be put in the same category as dog or bull fighting.  You can check that out here. Kristi … Continue reading An afternoon at the Cock Fights January 27, 2013

Leon – a history tour and an eye-opener

Today Kristi and I went on the "History and Revolution" tour through Leon with Nicasi Tours.  The tour itself was amazing.  Three hours of driving around and raw facts and history mixed in with a little bit of belief.  I honestly could not think of a better way to spend $12 if you enjoy history. … Continue reading Leon – a history tour and an eye-opener

Masaya Jan 23-25, 2013

There really isn't much to Masaya.  We shared a taxi with our Kiwi friends and went to find a room.  We found a place for 200 cords a night but only one room available.  The Kiwis said if we want it we can have it so we thanked them and said "we'll take it".   We … Continue reading Masaya Jan 23-25, 2013