Vang Vieng – Laos – March 2015

Most people associate Vang Vieng with people drinking excessively, experimenting with drugs and crazy parties.  We went in to this expecting a 1-2 day shit show with plans to get out asap.  That's not at all how it was.  We found a guesthouse in the center and barely heard any noise at night.  This was … Continue reading Vang Vieng – Laos – March 2015

Our final days in Leon January 29-February 2

I have been very easily distracted the last few days so I'll do my best to catch everyone up.  Tuesday was actually a nothing day.  We had a late breakfast at Desayunazo then hung out at Siesta Perdida until dinner time playing crib and relaxing.  For dinner though, we went to a nice Caribbean restaurant … Continue reading Our final days in Leon January 29-February 2

Not really feeling the San Juan del Sur

Depending on what you like when you travel can be a huge deciding factor as to whether or not you will want to visit San Juan del Sur.  I feel like I have completely stepped out of Nicaragua.  Knowing Spanish isn't necessary, menus and staff all speak enough English to get by.  When you try … Continue reading Not really feeling the San Juan del Sur

New Years on Telica

Sorry if this was posted twice. I thought I posted it 2 days ago but people are saying the link didn't work. On New Years we were scheduled to leave Quetzaltrekkers at 10am.  Kristi and I were asked to pick up some tables a couple blocks out of the way so we left the house … Continue reading New Years on Telica

The last few days – December 26-29

It has been a pretty tame couple of days.  We are on our 3rd office shift in 4 days but it's nice to just relax.  We have been getting to know everyone a lot better.  Even the guy I wanted to kick in the mouth on Matagalpa is coming together as a good guy with … Continue reading The last few days – December 26-29

My first day of Travel to Leon, Nicaragua

So yesterday we spent a long time in vehicles and on air planes to get to Leon, Nicaragua where our apartment is. 4am: Alarm goes off, Kristi and I run around, make sure we have everything.  Everything is labeled as far as the donations go and we're ready for a long day. 5am: Dad picks … Continue reading My first day of Travel to Leon, Nicaragua