CBAC – December 17, 2016

Oh lazy Saturdays, how I love you.  Went out for brunch, watched a couple episodes of "the Grand Tour" and walked the dog in the snow. Doesn't get much better than that. Now lets enjoy this Bodhisattva dry hopped sour from Parallel 49.  At 7%, it's probably good that I've eaten a bunch of pizza … Continue reading CBAC – December 17, 2016

CBAC – December 12, 2016

After a successful night of decorating the Christmas Tree with Kristi's parents, I'm excited to open another beer.  But before I get to that, I just need to do a little bit of bragging about the Surrey Dodgeball League.  Last week I said we estimated that we raised $6000 for the Surrey Christmas Bureau.  That … Continue reading CBAC – December 12, 2016

CBAC – December 7, 2016

It is currently -5°C outside and I nearly froze to death walking Marvin around the block.  For other Canadians, they're probably laughing at me complaining about the cold.  I need to go somewhere warm with palm trees and drinks with umbrellas in them. For now I'll settle for an electric blanket and today's craft beer … Continue reading CBAC – December 7, 2016

CBAC – December 4, 2016

Another late one. I'm not getting to my craft beer and it's almost midnight on the 5th.  I should just drink 2.  I didn't crack my beer earlier because I was going to wait until both Kristi and I were off work.  I just got home and Kristi is in bed.  When I told her … Continue reading CBAC – December 4, 2016

Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 9

Okay here we go. Another day, another belligerent rambling about something I don't have the qualifications to be doing.  I'm pretty good at this internet thing Parallel 49s Bodhisattva dry hopped sour.  That's a mouthful to say out loud.   Yes you're reading that correctly. It says strong beer on it. 7.5% alcohol.  Anyone else … Continue reading Craft Beer Calendar – Dec 9