Hiking Mount Batur

It's 2am and my alarm is going off.  The guys in the room next to us came home, drunk (I assume), and decided to talk with their outside voices and listen to music.  I maybe got 2 hours of sleep. So why is our alarm going off at  2am?  Well we are being picked up … Continue reading Hiking Mount Batur

An afternoon at the Cock Fights January 27, 2013

This was our second trip to the cock fights as we went last month too.  If you missed that blog, I explain the rules, the betting and why cock fighting here in Nicaragua cannot and should not be put in the same category as dog or bull fighting.  You can check that out here. Kristi … Continue reading An afternoon at the Cock Fights January 27, 2013

Masaya Jan 23-25, 2013

There really isn't much to Masaya.  We shared a taxi with our Kiwi friends and went to find a room.  We found a place for 200 cords a night but only one room available.  The Kiwis said if we want it we can have it so we thanked them and said "we'll take it".   We … Continue reading Masaya Jan 23-25, 2013

New Years on Telica

Sorry if this was posted twice. I thought I posted it 2 days ago but people are saying the link didn't work. On New Years we were scheduled to leave Quetzaltrekkers at 10am.  Kristi and I were asked to pick up some tables a couple blocks out of the way so we left the house … Continue reading New Years on Telica

Cosiguina with a great group! Jan 2-3, 2013

It's 4am and we have to finish packing our bags.  Loading up our entire lives into a backpack and heading down to Quetzaltrekkers for our final hike with them.  We have a big group with us for this hike with 17 clients, 3 guides then Kristi and Myself.  Leaving at 5:30am the way to Cosiguina … Continue reading Cosiguina with a great group! Jan 2-3, 2013

The last few days – December 26-29

It has been a pretty tame couple of days.  We are on our 3rd office shift in 4 days but it's nice to just relax.  We have been getting to know everyone a lot better.  Even the guy I wanted to kick in the mouth on Matagalpa is coming together as a good guy with … Continue reading The last few days – December 26-29

Christmas 2012 on El Hoyo

Kristi and I originally had an office shift for the 24th and were not going to be able to go up El Hoyo with the group.  Fortunately for us, one of the guys not going up offered to cover us.  We helped prep the night before for a large group of 17. We went to … Continue reading Christmas 2012 on El Hoyo